About Us

Welcome to POPPOPTEEZ.COM!!!

Introducing PopPop and his BEST FRIENDS Barney and Opie!

I'm PopPop and I spend my free time in a recliner with Barney and Opie, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

I'm a retired Registered Nurse, former Retail Manager that decided to start a business like I've always wanted. When I wasn't working I kept busy with family activities with our doggos. 

Now retired, I was looking for ways to earn a little extra money to supplement Social Security when I decided to do what I've always wanted, start my own business! I had been dabbling with graphic design out of boredom when I decided to share those designs. Here is the result, poppopteez.com

Here you will find designs and products designed from my life experiences, many of which involved my pets and family. I have seen a lot of 'interesting' things in my life and hope you will find enjoyment in our designs. Most products on poppopteez.com can be customized to your desired colors in both product and lettering.

PopPop is willing to try anything as long as it's legal and nobody gets hurt!

One thing I learned being a nurse is that life is too short not to enjoy some 'teezin' fun. I also learned how enjoyable it is to do some 'pleezin'.  I hope you find plenty of both on poppopteez.com!

Thanks for shopping POPPOPTEEZ.COM!!!